Duo for Off-campus access to Microsoft O365

Starting in November 2018, two-factor authentication will be required to access Office 365 (O365) applications from remote locations (i.e., off campus).  As part of the most recent updates to UT System policy (UTS165), this requirement is part of a continued effort to protect university data.  Each Faculty and Staff member will require a DUO account to access O365 from off campus.  The Institutional Compliance Office of Information Security (OIS) is working closely with the Office of Information Technology (OIT) to ensure the successful rollout of this policy.

What This Means to You

1.      When logging into O365 applications from off campus, each time you are prompted for your UTSA login credentials you will receive the DUO two-factor authentication prompt.

2.       When you VPN into UTSA you will see the DUO two-factor authentication prompt once for the VPN authentication and once again when logging in to O365.

3.       If you use your cellular network (not the UTSA wireless network) you will see the DUO two-factor authentication prompt when you log in to O365 even when you are physically on campus.

4.       Once DUO two-factor authenticated to O365, you will not see any additional authentication prompts unless your session times out or you are disconnected in some way. 



To setup a DUO account