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Office of Information Security (OIS) Standards


OIS-39 – Standard for OIT Workstation Operating Systems Support.



This standard describes the level of support OIT Connect will provide to the various operating systems used at UTSA.



This standard supports HOP Policy 8-12 Information Resources Use and Security Policy.



This standard applies to all UTSA faculty, staff, and students.



If you have any questions about OIS 39 – Standard for OIT Workstation Operating Systems Support contact the following office:


The Office of Information Security



  1. The Office of Information Technology provides assistance for Microsoft and Apple operating systems still under warranty through the services of the OITConnect staff technicians, who have been trained in both platforms. While the university acknowledges that the faculty and staff have diverse needs, centralized support is based on availability of resources. Services provided by OIT include assistance and advice regarding systems to be purchased, trouble-shooting and resolution of software and basic hardware issues, and are initiated by opening a ticket with OITConnect. The time required will depend on the nature of the problem, but every effort will be made to resolve all issues.
  2. For any computers on another platform, such as Linux or mobile platforms, best effort will be given to resolving issues and problems, but there may be occasions for leaving the problem unresolved. If faculty or staff choose to purchase a non-standard operating system, they should be aware of the need to arrange for support independently.



Effective Date: October 15, 2014

Last Revised: September 15, 2015

Reviewed: July 25, 2017