While it is the intent of the university that policies and procedures be adopted by the
owners and stewards of information technology resources, there may be occasional
exceptions to the application of policy due to technical, operational or administrative
issues. In such cases the exception must be registered, the risk must be evaluated and
documented, and formal approval must be obtained. The department requesting the
exception will assume the risk(s) resulting from the exception.


This standard supports HOP Policy 8-12 Information Resources Use and Security Policy


This standard applies to all UTSA faculty, staff, and students.


The Office of Information Security


  1. The department requesting the exception must provide the following:
    1. Identification of the applicable policy
    2. Description of the requested exception
      c. The dates on which the exception will start and end.
    3. Reason why the policy cannot, or should not, apply.
    4. Description of the system impacted and the level of confidentiality of the data
    5. Description of other risks that might occur.
    6. Description of how the system will be monitored and compensating controls
      that will be established.
  2. Requests for exceptions will be submitted to the Information Security Officer at
    informationsecurity@utsa.edu electronically by the head or chair of the responsible
    department, after consultation with the technical representative for that department or
    unit. If the exception is denied, the issue may be escalated to the Chief Compliance
    Officer and Executive Director.

OIS 29 – Standard for Policy Exception and Risk Assumption
Effective Date: January 10, 2012
Last Revised: August 4, 2020